writing and publishing in different modes

Posted by on Apr 9, 2013

Over the past while I have found myself writing in some different modes, and some of that writing is starting to appear in public.

Here’s an article I wrote for Canadian Mennonite magazine – “Hearing Jesus as Songwriter.”

And here’s a more ambitious piece – a 33 page booklet that is a bit of a study of how Jesus is portrayed as interpreter of Scripture in the Gospel of Mark. That piece is now available here… and there may well be more on its way in a similar vein…

Not to worry – there’s still some songwriting going on too, but it hasn’t been as consistent or disciplined lately. That said, the backlog of “songs to write” has been steadily growing… there have been a few new songs lately… I expect that, before too long, there will be some more songwriting that will “break the logjam” that’s been building up…

Stay tuned!