Bryan and Julie Moyer SudermanAs a husband-wife team, Bryan and Julie Moyer Suderman lead congregational retreats, with activity-based sessions and worship experiences that are meaningful and engaging for all ages. Julie and Bryan continue to develop new themes in response to the needs and requests of congregations – here are some of the themes they have done in the past and are currently ready to go:

1. If You Have Ears 

Jesus often said: “Listen, then, if you have ears!” Can we listen to God? Can we listen to each other? With activity sessions and a surprising biblical story, come prepared to get out of your seats and use your hands and feet and ears and voices as we learn to listen – and be heard – in new ways. (Mark 4:1-34; 2 Kings 5)

2. Bridge Building

We encounter bridges – and opportunities to build bridges – all the time. The Bible is full of bridge-building stories, when we might think that the things that divide us are too big. Let’s build together! (Genesis 33:1-11; 1 Samuel 25:23-28; John 4:27-30, 39-42; Acts 9:26-30)

3. Deep Knee Bends and Dirty Feet

A fun and active way to get at some big questions: who (or what) is “Lord” of YOUR life? To whom (or to what) do YOU “bend the knee?” Can you imagine a “king” washing YOUR feet?! (1 Samuel 18:6-9; 21:11; 29:5; Matthew 21:1-17; John 13:1-8)

4. You Can Shine

Flashlights, floor lamps, spotlights, sparklers… and YOU? An active (even glow-in-the-dark) celebration of the gifts we’ve been given, and encouragement to shine. (John 8:12; Matthew 5:14-16; Philippians 2:14-15)

5. “Whatever You’ve Got!” – Exploring, Celebrating, and Sharing the Good Gifts God Gives

What are the gifts God has given each of us? How might we use them to live out God’s dreams for the world? A fun, active, and inspiring time together through songs, stories, scripture, activities and more. (1 Peter 4:7-11; John 6:1-15)

6. “A God Who Makes Friends” – Living and Learning God’s Ways of Peace

Come ready to sing, move, reflect, and even write a song/create a mural as we explore biblical visions for God’s ways of peace and practical peacemaking, and how those visions can take root right here in the soil of your own community. (1 Samuel 25; 2 Corinthian 5:16-6:1; Isaiah 65)


Julie Moyer Suderman loves to teach, and is passionate about different learning styles, spiritual styles, music and Christian formation. Julie runs her own piano studio and is an accredited teacher of the Simply Music method – a multi-sensory, wholistic approach that is accessible to young and old with different learning styles and exceptionalities. Julie is a former primary school and outdoor-education teacher, youth pastor, and overseas mission worker, and has played various leadership roles in her local congregation.

You can read more about Bryan Moyer Suderman here.

Bryan and Julie have worked together in ministries with children, you, and adults in Colombia and Canada, and are increasingly in demand as a resourcing team for all-ages congregational retreats.