reading isaiah

Posted by on Nov 18, 2015

I wasn’t here
when the news came
of bombs and shots and
concert-goers on the blood-red floor.
Where was I?

In a cabin
in the woods
with grade 12 students
imagining the future
dreaming of the future
preparing for the future.

Which future?
Whose dreams?

We read Isaiah.

about feasts
and lambs and lions
and a little child leading
about houses
and vineyards
and labour laws
about infant mortality
and old age
and health care
about breach-repairing
and ruins-restoration
and urban planning
about weapons re-purposed
and many peoples saying “Come”
and “let’s go”
and peace-training
about tear-wiping
and shroud-removal
strong bones
parched places
springs and watered gardens
no hurting or destroying
the earth full of
as the sea is full
of water.

The pictures we drew
filled the cabin.

We heard the news
in the car, heading home.
The airwaves were
full of it.
And the question:
“What should we do now?”

Which future?
Whose dreams?

Jesus read Isaiah too.
And Dylan said
“I’ll let you be in my dreams
if I can be in yours.”