podcasts, videos, and article on sojourners blog

Posted by on Aug 30, 2012

Here are a few recent links that feature my music:

You’ll find a new article from the Sojourners blog about my music here. This was based on an interview-and-lunch conversation with Lisa Daughtry-Weiss of Sojourners, just after the “Children, Youth, and a New Kind of Christianity” conference in Washington, D.C. last May, where I co-planned and co-led the worship sessions.

There are now several free podcasts posted of some of the plenary speakers from that conference (Brian McLaren, John Westerhoff). My song “New World Coming” (from the “Detectives of Divinity” album, and the “New World Coming” compilation album) is used as the intro and outro “theme music” for the podcasts.

There are also some videos from the same conference, featuring words from folks from all over, many of whom I also had the pleasure of meeting (Dave Csinos, Shane Claiborne, Joy Carol Wallis, Melvin Bray, Brian McLaren, Ivy Beckwith, Danielle Shroyer, Joey Mitchell, Rachelle Martin, and others)… with the sounds of “Take Good Care” (from the “My Money Talks” album, and the new compilation as well) weaving in and out…

What a time it was… so good to see those faces and hear those voices and know that the conversations are continuing all over…