Selah’s Song

All the songs from the original folk musical, Selah’s Song

(script/songbook and CD package also available here and here).

Note: total running time of this CD is 22:54, and it comes in a simple “pocket” CD package. Price is adjusted accordingly, compared to STM’s full-length albums.

track list:SelahsSong_highres

1. Ballad of Selah’s Song (part 1)
2. Won’t You Sing (A Song of Peace)
3. Them’s The Rules (part 1)
4. I Wonder Could a Song Do That?
5. Forever East Candling
6. Them’s The Rules (part 2)
7. Ballad of Selah’s Song (part 2)
8. Ballad of Selah’s Song (part 3)
9. Forever East Candling (parody)
10. Maybe a Song
11. Ballad of Selah’s Song (part 4)
12. Ballad of Selah’s Song (part 5)

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