God’s Love is for Everybody

Track List – God’s Love is for Everybodycdglife

  1. God’s Love is for Everybody
  2. On The Emmaus Road
  3. You Gotta Sing (When The Spirit Says Sing)
  4. Hosanna, Jesus Loves Tanya
  5. God Loves A Picnic
  6. Disciples-In-Training
  7. Tus Manos, Señor
  8. My Voice Alone
  9. Birthday Song
  10. A God Who Makes Friends
  11. When God’s In Charge
  12. In The Highways
  13. Hosanna, Jesus Loves Gabi (Reprise)
  14. When You Learn To Follow Jesus (You Will Act A Little Strange)
  15. This Little Light Of Mine
  16. God’s Family
  17. Sending Song

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