New World Coming

track list – New World Coming (a SmallTall Music compilation, 2002-2012)

(click here for album description/intro from Brian McLaren and Dave Csinos)

NOTE: All of these recordings have been previously released on other SmallTall Music albums, except for new recording of  “You’re Not Alone” (original version released on “Can’t Keep Quiet!” 2005).

1. New World Comingpouches_2000
2. God’s Love is for Everybody
3. Peace Meal
4. You’re Not Alone
5. I Will Bless You
6. Disciples-In-Training
7. A God Who Makes Friends
8. Take Good Care
9. Enough For All
10. When You Learn To Follow Jesus (You Will Act A Little Strange)
11. Thank You
12. Infiltrating the World
13. No Longer Strange
14. Peace Be With You
15. Detectives of Divinity

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