I’m Glad You’re Here

I’m Glad You’re Here: songs of hope and struggle (2016)

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IGYH front-lowresFrom it’s opening line – “I thought of you again today…” – this may be the most intimate, raw, humorous, and ultimately hopeful album that Bryan has released to date. From the pain and yearning of “I’m Glad You’re Here” to the irrepressible groove of “Greater Works Than These,” from the grit and challenge of “Wrestling With the Scriptures” to the side-splitting hilarity of “My Baby Wants Secure Retirement,” these songs are the sound track of a journey of hope and struggle…

track list

1. Wishing You WellIGYH back-lowres
2. Wrestling With the Scriptures
3. I’m Glad You’re Here
4. The Daughters of Zelophehad
5. To Serve the Soil
6. Not For Human Consumption
7. In Our House
8. My Baby Wants Secure Retirement
9. Won’t You Sing
10. Greater Works Than These
11. Go Back Home, Tell Everybody

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